4 Quick Workouts You Can do Anywhere

4 Quick Workouts You Can do Anywhere


For many people, they believe that working out doesn’t actually count unless driving somewhere with a locker room and cardio equipment. However, due to busy works schedules, teacher-parent conferences, and not to mention – you know – the pandemic sweeping over the nation with a mandatory stay-at-home order, this point of view has changed drastically. With the closure of thousands of gyms across the nation to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus, many individuals find themselves confused without a way to exercise. 

We all know the importance of exercise. It helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, builds strong muscles, and supports a healthy body weight, but for those that eat, sleep, and live the “gym life”, it can be really challenging to switch gears to working out anywhere other than a fitness facility. The good news is that there are tons of exercises that you can do to help keep you on track with your journey. Here are 4 quick workouts you can do anywhere.


Squats are arguably one of the most beneficial exercise that you can do. Think about all the times through the day you go from a sitting to a standing position – it is a lot! For a great quick workout, tap your booty to the couch and exhale. Make sure to squeeze your glutes each time as you rise.


Lunges are excellent exercised that you can do at home because you can travel around the house while you do them. (Walking lunges, anybody?) It is an effective way to feel a deep burn in your quads. When you sink down into your lunge, it is important to make sure to keep your front knee directly over your front ankle, making a wide stance when you sink down. If done properly, you should create 90-degree angles with both legs. If you experience a bit of knee pain, try a wall sit for 30 seconds instead. 


The plank is another extremely functional exercise that is simple to implement with a focus on core strength. To plank correctly, make sure that your body is in a straight line from your head all the way to your toes. If you need to modify this exercise, simply swap from your toes to your knees. If you are on your toes, press back through your heels keeping your hips in line with your spine. Tilt your chin away from your chest. Inhale and exhale. 

Leg Lifts

Believe it or not, but most people have pretty weak glute muscles. This can lead to lower back pain, hip pain and even weak core muscles. Leg lifts are an effective way to strengthen this muscle. Simply stand in front of a countertop, holding onto it for balance. Tap one foot behind you and exhale as you lift your leg off the ground. Make sure to keep both hips squared at the countertop and that you are squeezing your glutes with each lift. Try lifting your leg 20 times followed by 20 pulses. 

Squats, lunges, planks, and leg lifts are all exceptional ways to workout at any time, anywhere. To amplify the intensity, try incorporating each exercise into a full body circuit workout to really get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Circuit training is time efficient, great aerobic activity, beats boredom and boosts metabolism because it combines strength training and cardio to give maximum results. 

Like we mentioned, exercise is important. If you find that it has been difficult to get in a good sweat sesh, we recommend giving one of our four workout options a try!

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