7 Fall Essentials

7 Fall Essentials


Fall is quickly approaching so you need to start assembling your fall wardrobe! Fall is one of the best seasons for fashion because there’s so much versatility. We love the warm and rich colors of fall that you can incorporate into your closet. We are also big fans of leather and denim that are vital in any fall wardrobe. Even though you may have some of these items left over from last year, it’s a good idea to do an inventory of your closet to make sure that you have these seven fall essentials:


Leather Jacket

The first fall essential that you need is a solid leather jacket. Leather jackets provide the perfect amount of warmth for the cooling autumn weather and look great with a nice pair of jeans and some boots. Look for a quality leather in a rich color like mahogany brown or maroon – or go with the classic black leather jacket for a killer fall look.


Heeled Booties

Fall is a great time to show off cute footwear before it gets too cold and you have to break out the winter boots that aren’t as fashionable. One way that you can do this is with a great heeled bootie. These go great with jeans and jackets while providing a little bit of height but not too much! Booties pair well with anything and can add a little bit of formality to even the most casual of outfits. 


Cozy Scarves

Fall is a great time to have fun with scarves. Once again, you can prioritize fashion over warmth during the fall so take full advantage of this with your scarf choices. Look for fun patterns and fabrics to pair with your fall wardrobe basics to add some personality to your ensemble. 


Soft Sweaters

Sweaters are obviously a fall essential because they can truly go with anything! There are so many different styles available ranging from the most basic cable-knit sweaters to elegant cashmere cowl necks. It’s always a good idea to have a wide variety of sweaters in your fall wardrobe to fit any occasion and temperature. 


Dark Denim

When the leaves start to change, it’s time to change out your denim too! You probably have no shortage of light-wash or even white denim from the summer. And while those options are great in the summer, it’s a good idea to transition to dark and black denim for the fall and winter seasons. These colors go better with the overall warm tones that you often see in fall clothing like burgundy, deep red, and taupe. And while this doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all your light-wash denim, it does mean that you should incorporate darker denim into your wardrobe and prioritize these washes while shopping.


Fitted Blazer

Another fall essential is a fitted blazer. A fitted blazer goes great with other essentials like heeled booties and dark denim and is a staple piece for any adult woman. Blazers don’t just look good, but they can also provide you with a bit of warmth as the temperature changes! 


Flowy Blouses

The last fall essential are flowy long-sleeved blouses – because no one wants to just wear sweaters 24/7! Flowy blouses available through wholesale clothing provide you with a little bit of warmth and coverage but aren’t as warm as a sweater. They work great underneath leather jackets for an amazing fall look. 


There are so many things about fall to get excited for – pumpkin spice, apple picking, foliage, and football. You will need a wardrobe that fits all of these fun activities – so go out and shop for your autumn essentials before the leaves start to fall!

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