A Major Motorcycle Accident Occurs in Baltimore on I-695


Recently, a serious motorcycle accident took place in Baltimore. Baltimore is one of the biggest cities in the country and is known for having heavy traffic, particularly during rush hour. Sadly, a motorcycle accident took place in I-695 in Baltimore, to which the local state troopers responded immediately. The accident took place on a ramp that was heading from I-695 to I-795. This is a particularly dangerous part of the city and led to a major collision. It is unclear at this point if motorcycle accident attorneys will have to be involved.

The authorities conducted a full investigation, trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. They found out that the driver lost control of his motorcycle. He collided with something and was ejected from the bike after his ride collided with a wall. The rider ended up landing about fifty feet from the site of the wall, where he suffered injuries that ultimately led to his death.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story when it comes to a serious motorcycle accident. Ejections are one of the biggest risks when it comes to riding a motorcycle. The fact is that there is no protective frame around people when they drive a typical sedan. This limits the possibility of someone getting ejected from the car, particularly if they wear a seatbelt.

On the other hand, there is no such protection for people who ride a motorcycle. Even though some bikes have a strap around the rider, this is simply not enough to prevent someone from getting ejected in the event of an accident.

There are a few common injuries that someone might suffer in a motorcycle accident. One of the most common is bone fractures. Sure, most people have broken a bone at some point in their life, or they at least know someone who has. On the other hand, the bone fractures that someone might suffer in a motorcycle accident are far more severe. They could require someone to have emergency surgery, possible placing them in the hospital for months.

If someone does suffer serious injuries in a motorcycle accident, they could end up with major medical bills that they might not know how to pay. Yes, it is true that many people have health insurance that might help them cover the cost of these injuries; however, there are also significant out of pocket costs that might accompany health insurance. This includes deductibles, copays, and more. That is where motorcycle accident lawyers can help. If the motorcycle accident took place due to the negligence of someone else, there might be a way to hold the other party responsible, providing opportunities for financial compensation.

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