7 Trending Styles in 2020


Let us be honest for a second—shopping for jeans can be the absolute worst. There is nothing more demoralizing than going into the changing room to try on a pair of jeans and they just do not fit and that you are the problem. 

Well, that was so a 2010’s problem. We have rounded up the best jeans for women in these seven trending styles. Say goodbye to dreading having to pick up a new pair of jeans and say hello to the wonderful new world of having a range of styles, colors and fits to choose from. 

Here are the seven trending styles that will make you fall in love with jeans again. 


  • High waist flare jeans


For those with a curvy figure, this is the trend you did not yet know you needed in your life. These high waist flare jeans flatter the waist and are fitted to flare at the bottom—highlighting all that is awesome with your body!



  • Denim jumpsuits 


A new decade means a new way to be bold. Nothing makes a statement quite like a denim jumpsuit. They accentuate those curves, cinch the waist and give glory to that hourglass figure—talk about conservative sexy!  



  • Mid-Rise Styled Jeans


Nothing is worse than feeling your tummy roll over your jeans. But long gone are those days, as mid-rise styled jeans are here to save the day. They bring the perfect balance for flattening the tummy, providing comfort and making you look all-around amazing. Best of all, this style comes with a bit of stretch so that it glorifies your body.



  • Stretch Skinny Jeans


Goodbye to the days of struggling to get skinny jeans up the legs and over the butts. Honestly, nothing was worse and thank goodness those days will stay in the previous decade. Make your life easier with stretch skinny jeans that actually move with your body while still holding it all in there. This style is still tight, but comfortable at the same time—allowing for those bad asse Grease Lightning vibes without the pain that formally ensued. 



  • High Button Skinnies 


Want longer legs? Then this style is for you. The high button skinnies balance out your torso and legs with a button fly waist. And better yet, they often come with button details that are the subtle accent we never knew we all needed in our lives until now. 



  • Wide Legged Jeans 


Do you have long legs that do not fit into the normal status-quo of jeans? We feel you—trying on jeans that look like capris on you just do not do your beautiful long legs justice. Instead, trade in for the new style of wide legged jeans. They accentuate your length and flare out at the bottom—forming the perfect balance for you to rock your denim look. 



  • Straight Leg Jeans


Are you that in-between height where no style seems to fit you quite right? Well, straight leg jeans are here to save the day. This style is cropped at the ankle and naturally lengthens the leg, in addition to having strategic hems hugging you in all the right places. 


2020 is not the year for having those woeful denim blues. 

These seven trending styles are here to help you navigate your way through the next decade. While these seven styles vary in shapes, size and fit—they all focus on one important thing, you! So, no matter what type of body you may have, rest assured that there are the perfect styled jeans out there with your name on it, waiting to be worn by you. 

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