Five Options For Athletic Clothes

Five Options For Athletic Clothes


Who loves athletic clothes? We certainly do! Along with the rest of the world! 

Athletic clothes are hands down one of the best fashion styles to ever hit us and we do not ever want to go back to the days where it simply did not exist. 

Athletic clothes have changed the world as you can now look cool and feel comfortable at the same time! They really have defined the meaning of lifestyle brands as not only can you go work out and look stylish, but you can easily morph that same outfit to be appropriate for a brunch date with your girlfriends!

There are so many options that we now have when deciding what athletic clothes to buy. And options are good! Athletic clothing is key to both experience and performance. But what is more, now a days sustainability has never been as valued as well. Consumers demand thoughtful creation of their athletic clothes and want to know it was made with care of both the world and the workers. 

To help you navigate your way through your next shopping spree for athletic clothes we will review the five options you have for athletic clothes in regards to fabrics that are used.  honest, you can 



  • Bamboo fabric 


Seriously, how cool is this. Bamboo fabric never compromises shape, form, texture and breathability. Because of the way that bamboo sports clothing is made, the fabric will always feel better because there are no chemicals used. This gives you that luxurious feeling while also able to wick moisture, prevent odor, have maximum breathability and UPF 50+ sun protection. Honestly, what more could you want in athletic clothes!



  • Nylon fabric


One of athletic clothes’ favorite past times, nylon is an age old classic and has always been popular amongst those who love wearing athletic clothes. One of the reasons that nylon sports clothing is so popular is because of the amount of stretch it provides, in addition to being sweat-wicking and breathable. Nylon fabric is ideal for those super long runs as the comfort will hold up even through a marathon. 



  • Polyester fabric


While polyester fabric often makes athletic clothes more affordable, it lacks one big component—being sustainable. Polyester fabric is a plastic based fabric. Although, it still achieves the same results you would want in athletic clothes, as it is durable, lightweight and non-absorbent. In addition, polyester sporting clothes can repel UV despite not being made of natural fibres. 



  • Spandex fabric


If you are a lover of athletic clothes, chances are you have spandex in your collection. Spandex is also known as lycra and is super stretchy and flexible Mercury Free Baby. The reason that people love spandex sports clothes is because the fabric allows for unrestricted movement while still retaining the most flattering shape possible. Yogis especially love this fabric as it holds up even during the most advanced poses. 



  • Wool fabric


Okay, wool might not be the first type of fabric that pops to mind when it comes to making the most comfortable athletic clothing. But a little-known fact is that merino wool is actually ideal for wearing in both warm and cold climates as the fabric is temperature regulating. Often, wool sports clothing is combined with spandex to allow for a fitted shape and lightweight feel.

Look cool, feel good and make a statement in these five different options of athletic clothes. Each type of fabric has their own different perks and what is important is that you feel amazing wearing them! The best part is, many of these fabrics not only make you look fantastic, but are equally helping to save the world—which should also make you feel good!

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