SEO Company Warns Of 25 Billion “Spammy” Pages Spotted Daily


Modern search engines are the beating heart of the contemporary economy. Without companies like Google and Bing, few consumers would be able to find the products, services, and brands they’ve come to know and love in a reliable fashion. Nevertheless, modern search engines are still beset by a myriad of problems, including a deluge of spam that makes it challenging for companies to separate their important signal from the worthless noise of the internet. 

Spammers are willing to go to any length in order to profit on your success, which is why it’s of the utmost importance to familiarize yourself with the modern spam environment and the techniques for cutting through the spam. Here’s what Yeah! Local has to say about 25 billion spammy pages being spotted daily.

Google’s recent report is jaw-dropping

Last year, Google released a report on the state of spam that revealed some truly jaw-dropping statistics. According to one report, Google’s dedicated webspam team identified approximately 25 billion spammy pages every single day which were filtered out of search results. More than anything else, this statistic should convince entrepreneurs and marketers that the internet marketplace is absolutely rife with misleading spam that must be navigated around if you want to attain and maintain long-term profitability. 

This isn’t to say that Google is filled with unnecessary spam – indeed, the company reporter that about 99 percent of its search results are spam-free, which is good news for consumers. It does mean that spammers are constantly looking for ways to draw business away from your brand with misleading spam that could infuriate customers and drive them away from your industry altogether, though. Yeah! Local has some advice which can help modern entrepreneurs navigate this spammy marketplace in order to reach their valued customers on modern social media platforms and search engine result pages. 

First, learn a thing or two about SEO spam emails, which are proliferating at a breakneck pace these days. Next, understand that local spam fighting techniques can bolster your local SEO performance, which is imperative given that many customers who do business with your brand are likely situated nearby. Reporting fake web pages and misleading, spammy search results may take time, but it will yield serious dividends for your company. 

You should also know that old techniques like link-spamming are becoming less effective, largely because of algorithms which are capable of quickly detecting this and putting an end to it. Keep that in mind, and your business will be helping to clean up our spam-filled environment in a way that customers will come to appreciate. 

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