The Health Benefits Of Living On Or Near The Ocean


If you were to ask anyone, where it was that they would prefer to live if money was no object, the vast majority of them would say, that they would like to live beside the ocean, or preferably on it, if possible. We, as human beings, are constantly drawn to the ocean, and it is simply because man originated from that very place. As kids, we were always very excited about getting to go to the beach, and it would be incredibly difficult for our parents to take us back home again after a few hours, without a fight. There is so much to enjoy on and by the ocean, and it has been proven that coastal living is very beneficial for our mental and physical health visit chronic paradise.

This is why many people have actually considered selling their homes, and then actively looking for superyachts for sale, so they could live on the ocean. This might seem a little extreme, but this is the strong draw, that the ocean has for us. The other alternative is to find a home that is near the ocean, so that we can at least enjoy the many relaxing benefits of living in such a location. It is always important that you stay healthy and safe when beside the ocean, and once you do that, you can begin to enjoy the many health benefits it provides.

  1. Better sleep – Many of us report that after going to the beach for the day, or spending time on a boat that we may have rented, our quality of sleep is much improved. Sailing on a boat and making sure you follow the safety regulations, allows you to have a very relaxing day sailing across the ocean. The sea air and the better levels of oxygen, all help to improve your sleep.


  1. Better mental health – Statistics show us, that people who live close to the ocean, experience less incidence of depression and the anxiety that stems from that. The study actually concluded that as your property moves further and further away from the ocean, your levels of depression and anxiety actually increase. The figures suggested that those who lived one kilometre or less from the sea, were less likely to experience mental health symptoms, when compared to those that lived over 50 km away.


  1. Encourages a more active lifestyle – Due to the fact that you’re living by the ocean, you are more likely to engage in exercise a lot more, than someone who lives in the city. There are so many things to do when you live in North Carolina, like at least one day a week cleaning schedule. There is so much fresh air, and every day, you get a fresh running track specially made for you by Mother Nature.

These are only a few of the many benefits of living close to the ocean, and if you get an opportunity to buy a property, or to sail on a yacht, then you should grab it with both hands.

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