What Vitamins Are Best For Men?

What Vitamins Are Best For Men?


Okay men, time to get serious about your vitamins! 

Just because you are a strong and buff man does not mean you are exempt from getting sick. Especially when living amidst a global pandemic, multivitamins seem like the natural go-to to protect yourself.  

Sure, you might think you have the proper diet and vitamin intake, but that is never a guarantee. You work too hard to compromise your immune system and entire health over lacking a few vitamins. 

So what is a man to do when they are low on vitamin intake? Sometimes they can have a healthy diet but still not be getting the correct dosage of vitamins. This is where looking for alternative options comes in handy and can provide men with an easy fix for tackling their deficiency. 

Multivitamins for men are good for many reasons, including creating a healthier heart, boosting immunity, growing healthier hair, reducing cancer risks, and helping men live longer lives! 

So what vitamins are best for men? Here are the top five that men should be ensuring they get every single day. 


  • Vitamin D


An essential vitamin on so many levels, you will want even more of this during those winter months with less sunshine. It is said that actually we get up to 90% of sunshine from being in the sun, which goes hand in hand with us feeling those winter blues! You can find Vitamin D in various foods like fish and eggs, but many dieticians encourage men to up their intake with support from a supplement as well. 



  • Vitamin B12 


Men need Vitamin B12 and lots of it! In short, it looks after your nerves and blood cells, which go hand in hand for having a functional brain and strong immune system. However, it is much harder to come by, as it is not found in too many foods—only eggs, shellfish, some meats, and dairy. This is actually why if a guy is a vegetarian, there is a very strong likelihood he has Vitamin B12 deficiency. 


  1. Vitamin A

Equally important for men is Vitamin A. Helping with giving them healthy vision and a normally functioning immune system, Vitamin A also helps ensure that you have super sharp eyesight and an immune system that functions properly. 



  • Vitamin C


Let us just name off some fun facts about Vitamin C quickly. It can cure anemia thanks to helping your body absorb iron. It can prevent signs of aging through aiding in collagen restoration, It can help your cuts and bruises heal really quickly. It even helps with that pesky common cold! It is no surprise that Vitamin C is recommended daily, especially as it only stays in our system for 24 hours at a time!



  • Zinc


A zinc supplement is pretty much essential as your body can not naturally produce it. Zinc can be found in some foods but it is harder to come by for those that have stricter diets. It will often come in the form of a supplement or nose spray. It helps the body in numerous ways, including aiding with your metabolism, digestion, and nervous system. This vitamin is one not to be missed!

There is no time like the present to get jacked up about taking your vitamins! Whether you actually feel unwell or not, there is too much at risk for you to not give yourself the reassurance that your body is well prepared to fight off any virus that you come in contact with. By making it part of your routine, as you do say the gym, you are setting yourself up for the ultimate life of success. 

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