5 Reasons Yoga Is Great for Seniors

5 Reasons Yoga Is Great for Seniors


Yoga has become increasingly popular over the last two decades on a mainstream scale. Yet, there’s nothing new about it. Yoga has been practiced for centuries and will continue to be as time goes on.

As we age, yoga can be especially beneficial for our bodies as well as our mental well-being. With its gentle yet effective approach to strengthening the body, it’s the perfect choice for seniors looking to be more active and fulfilled. Here are five compelling reasons for seniors just starting to practice yoga.

Increased Flexibility

One of the most widely known benefits of yoga is its effect on our overall flexibility. Practicing yoga over the age of 70 will strengthen your body leading to greater flexibility, and ultimately improved mobility. Since mobility issues are one of the most common among seniors, regular yoga practice can help.

Even just 15 minutes a day of incorporating yoga into your routine can significantly boost your overall well-being and ability to carry out simple day-to-day tasks like reaching for something in a cupboard or even tying your shoes.

Increased Balance

Yoga is all about balance and stability and focusing on your center core.  Many yoga poses are rather challenging, encouraging seniors to maintain a steady balance. Regular yoga practice will significantly strengthen seniors’ abdomens and ultimately reduce the risk of injuries due to falls. Since senior slips and falls are one of the most common senior-related injuries, enhancing your stability can give you significant peace of mind.

Mental Clarity

Although your senior years are supposed to be some of your best, they still come with their fair share of worries.  From your health to your finances, life can be stressful at any age. Yoga offers an opportunity to de-stress and find mental clarity through mindfulness techniques. The end result is reduced anxiety and a calmer state of mind overall. If you’ve been looking for a more positive outlook on life, you might be surprised to find that yoga can offer that.

Social Connection

Often yoga is practiced in a group setting. Many seniors find that attending a yoga class once or twice a week can provide them with a sense of community and social connection, but many seniors lack. Since your older years can often be associated with feelings of isolation, a yoga class is a great opportunity to get out and meet other people while also doing something you truly enjoy!

Pain Management

Chronic pain is a common issue for older people, in many cases stemming from arthritis. Yoga is known for significantly easing pain and improving your overall joint health. For this reason, yoga is one of the best exercises for seniors looking for something effective yet low impact.

Elderly people have a lot of limitations, especially in the physical aspect. Because of this, yoga proves to be a preferable choice of exercise and physical activity. Not only does it have low stress and strain on the body, it also improves mental, emotional, and spiritual health. But yoga isn’t just for elders. Everyone can enjoy it, young or old!

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