4 Ways to Regain Your Confidence at 50


Turning 50 is a huge milestone for most women. Unfortunately, studies have shown that 50 is also the age that women often see their self-confidence plummet. Women interviewed in this age bracket purport to feel invisible to the opposite sex and as though they are passed over at work for their younger peers.

In reality, this dramatic shift in reception is often less about a woman’s changing appearance and more about her waning self-belief. Others see us the way we see ourselves. If you believe you’re no longer special or beautiful, it’s not as easy for others to see your shine. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 4 ways to boost your confidence at 50:

1) Try Injectables

If your lack of confidence comes from seeing wrinkles when you look in the mirror, injectables, such as Botox, are a great and relatively affordable way to quickly tackle the first signs of aging. Unlike more invasive procedures, like a facelift, you can get noticeable results without going under anaesthesia. The results are also temporary, which means you’re not making any irreversible changes to your looks. The goal is not to disguise who you are but to enhance and rejuvenate your features.

2) Join a Gym

Another common complaint of women entering their 50s is that their bodies no longer look or feel as firm and they get fatigued more easily. One way to combat this is to join a gym and create a tailored workout plan with a personal trainer to tackle any areas of your body that are getting you down.

The most important part of joining a gym isn’t making changes to your body, but making changes to your mind. Studies have shown that people who work out routinely report higher levels of self-esteem. Exercise has also been proven to ease signs of depression and improve overall health, which in turn can dramatically lower stress and reduce fatigue levels.

3) Treat Yourself

Women at 50, particularly those with challenging careers or family commitments, have a habit of neglecting self-care. It’s not that you’re less beautiful than when you were 20, it’s that you don’t have as much time to spend on or with yourself.

To regain your confidence, pamper yourself like you would have when you were young and carefree. Treat yourself to a gorgeous new red lipstick, book a spa day or get your hair done. Sign up to a yoga class or that online course you always wanted to do or even just let yourself sleep in. The key is to be self-indulgent. If you treat yourself like you’re worth it, other people will see your worth too.

4) Stop Putting Yourself Down

We’ll say it again: mindset is everything. The biggest step to tackling insecurity over 50 is retraining your brain. Stop with the self-deprecating jokes about your body and become your own biggest cheerleader. If that’s a struggle, start small: begin every day by writing down one thing you love about yourself, whether it’s a physical feature like your smile or a trait, like your compassion. This will train you to acknowledge your strengths and stop picking at your (probably imagined) faults.

By following the above 4 tips, you can get back on track with your fun, flirty and thriving 50s.

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