Do Percussion Massage Guns Work?


Your body is undergoing constant changes as it adjusts to a busy and stressful life. Tools like massage guns can help you handle the stress of your daily life. 

If you workout or are an athlete, massage guns can help you to recover from injury and prepare for strenuous exercise. Percussion massage guns can be even more effective than other options like vibration massage guns, regardless of whether you need a massage gun for everyday life or because of your athletic schedule. Here’s what you need to know if you’ve been wondering whether percussion massage guns work.

Increase Blood Flow

Percussion massage guns are scientifically calibrated to use just the right speed and depth of percussion to increase blood flow and decrease tension. Increased blood flow enables muscles and tissue to heal more readily. It also increases the oxygen in your muscles, which makes them more able to react to stress and recover from injuries.  

Regularly increasing blood flow is a wonderful way to speed recovery if you are trying to recover from an injury like a sprain. The value of increased blood flow has been known for many years. Everything from leeches to hyperbaric chambers have been utilized to increase the amount of blood running through your veins and the amount of oxygen that blood contains. 

Relieve Muscle Tension 

Tense muscles are painful, but perhaps more importantly, tense muscles prior to exercise make it more likely that you might injure yourself. Percussion massage guns go deep into your muscles to break up tense muscle fibers and make muscles more flexible. More flexible muscles let you handle stressors in your workout more easily so muscles will be less sore afterward. 

Decrease Muscle Soreness

The buildup of lactic acid is a significant contributor to muscle soreness. Percussion massage guns stimulate lymph nodes and blood flow, ridding your body of excessive lactic acid. Performing massages regularly continuously rids your muscles of lactic acid. 

Your muscles never build up lactic acid so they never feel as sore as they would without regular massage. Be sure to use your percussion massage gun both before and after workouts and regularly throughout your life to continuously eliminate lactic acid and decrease muscle soreness. 

Improve Muscles

Percussion massage guns hydrate your tissue, which enables muscles to grow and thrive. Increased blood flow gives muscles the materials that they need to keep growing bigger. Relaxing and stretching muscle fibers enable them to heal and expand more easily. In a number of important ways, percussion guns work actively to improve your muscle tone. 

Makes You More Flexible

By breaking up and stretching muscle fibers, percussion massage guns make you more flexible, which means that you’ll be less likely to be injured while you’re exercising. You’re not just more protected from muscle injury–more flexible muscles enable more flexibility overall, which prevents you from injuries to the joints as well. 

Incorporate your percussion massage gun routine into your pre-workout or pre-game stretching routine to make stretching more effective and increase your flexibility. 

Different Heads For Different Needs

A high-quality percussion massage gun doesn’t just provide one head for every kind of massage. Rather, different heads are designed for different goals. Here are a few to look out for. 

  • Dampener. This is an awesome attachment for any areas that are tender or bony, or for anyone who wants a gentle massage overall.
  • Standard. Perfect for overall use.
  • Wedge. Great for flushing lactic acid from large muscle groups
  • Thumb. Digs in to provide relief to the lower back
  • Cone. Good for detailed massage on the feet and hands.

Choose A Great Percussion Massage Gun

Percussion massage guns are effective at providing a range of massage therapeutic benefits. Take advantage of massage at home with a quality massage gun. 


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