Miami Safety 101: Guide for Safe Travel


Planning a trip to Miami is certain to provide you with many beautiful experiences. When it comes to vacation cities, you just can’t beat Miami’s beautiful beaches, weather, and friendly culture. Yet, visiting any major city can come with a few risks of falling prey to criminal activity and other mishaps. As you prep for your trip, make sure to use these tips for safe travel to only leave Miami with amazing memories.


Know How to Use an Uber Safely and Handle Heavy Traffic

Rideshares make getting around Miami easier, and you may prefer letting a local maneuver the car through heavy traffic in an unfamiliar area. Most Uber drivers are safe, but you are still at risk of getting into an accident on the road. Always make sure that the car that arrives matches the license plate number and driver description that the app provides. You’ll also want to follow all of the steps that you would take in any other vehicle accident if the worst should happen. Filing a police report, contacting an attorney, and seeking medical attention are all important things to do in a ride-share accident.


Practice Situational Awareness In Public Areas

Tourists are naturally considered targets by criminals who take advantage of people being distracted. Try to walk with a sense of purpose by already knowing your route, which you can look up before you leave your hotel. You’ll also want to leave any valuables behind in a safe and carry your essentials in a secure place on your body. Since purse snatching is a risk in crowds, it may be best to only carry what you can put in your pockets.


Avoid Alcohol and Sun Poisoning

Enjoying a drink at one of the local Miami bars or restaurants is a common activity in the city. But, you’ll want to keep your drinking to a minimum. Only having one or two drinks helps you stay alert and avoid alcohol poisoning which could lower your defenses. Sun poisoning is also a concern, whether you are at the beach or meandering through the city. Wear sunscreen and make sure to sit in shaded areas whenever it’s possible.


Follow Water Safety Guidelines

A trip to Miami wouldn’t be complete without a dip in the pool or swim along the beach. Never go in the water when you’ve been consuming alcohol, and remember that it is best to use the buddy system. You’ll also want to swim in locations where there are lifeguards present, and follow the flag guidelines. If the authorities say it is unsafe to swim, then trust their judgment. There are plenty of pools available in the city where you can dive into until the beaches are safe again.


Be Prepared to Handle Language Barriers

Miami is known for having a diverse culture that adds to the beauty of the city, but it can lead to some tricky situations regarding language barriers. To avoid making a mistake, such as going in the wrong direction, try to clarify what someone says by repeating it back to them. You may also opt to learn a few key phrases in different languages before your trip. Translation apps are also an amazing tool that can keep you safer when you need to have a serious conversation.


Staying alert is essential during any trip to a major city, and you’ll find that paying attention to your surroundings also means noticing the little things that make Miami so special. Whether you’re riding in an Uber downtown or walking along the beach, make sure to soak up each moment of your trip.


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