Tips on How to Market Digitally For Law Firms, Accountants, and Doctors


Digital marketing has come to the forefront of the business world over the last decade. SEO was a foreign term to a number of people in business but now it is well-known. The marketing world is massive as there are so many areas of marketing that can help generate business for a number of industries. The right marketing strategy can help a business overcome lackluster customer service or PR nightmares that would cripple other organizations. Law firms are going to need to market differently than accountants or doctors. Seasoned marketing professionals understand the difference in marketing between these 3 specialties. Below will be some tips to marketing law firms, accountants, and doctors. 

Law Firms 

Law firms can generate massive amounts of money which can result in huge marketing budgets. A large personal injury law firm is going to have a massive budget as each client acquired can result in a huge settlement. A bankruptcy attorney might not have as large of a budget but this space is far less competitive. The money made off of a client in a bankruptcy case is usually set while personal injury cases can go to the jury or judge settlement verdict. 


Criminal defense attorneys should write content that helps explain the process after specific arrests. A person might be worried about losing their driving privileges after a DUI but an attorney will have knowledge of a work permit. These allow people to drive to the doctor, work, or school only. Content on specific arrests can create confidence that a firm can help a person. Listing plea deals and trial results is also imperative as some people want to take their case to court as a plea deal isn’t an option. 


Accounting might not be the most interesting topic for a number of reasons. Stressing the headache saved through using an accountant or accounting firm is important. Creating content on the various deductions an individual or business can take can do a few things. This can highlight the knowledge an accountant/firm has while showing a potential client about all of the intricacies accountants understand come tax season. Monitoring online reviews is important as is getting involved in online accounting platforms. These platforms can earn income for an accountant simply by answering questions asked specifically by users. This can also be a great place to read about efficient house cleaning tips and to generate new clientele. Digital marketing for accountants is extremely important especially due to the busy nature of tax season.


Doctors need to create a variety of content pieces depending on the specialties that they cover. A primary physician could have a background in neurology or general internal medicine. The website of a doctor should have their qualifications and educational background. People want to know who will be helping them manage their health. Getting involved in local charity work that includes healthcare can be a perfect way to generate PR/exposure for a doctor. Search engine results are important as specialists could be vying for a top spot in a saturated market. States like Florida have a number of dermatologists due to the large number of skin cancer cases and older population. 


Marketing digitally for any business has to be done with efficiency in mind. Take the time to look at your current digital marketing strategy to identify where it can be improved nearly immediately.

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