Venus are Experiencing a Surge in Demand as Guests Yearn for a Return to Normal


The Covid-19 pandemic resulted, at first, in stay-at-home order across the United States, then, as the economy slowly started to reopen, restrictions in terms of events planning. These regulations were designed to protect us from the coronavirus, but they also transformed how people celebrated milestones in their lives. The most obvious way this happened was when the closure of venues forced people to either cancel or reschedule their celebrations. In this article, we will discuss a piece that Brianna Shackelford did for WTHI-TV 10 that explains how in a normalizing world, event spaces are seeing a surge in people celebrating milestones. 

For many event planners and venue managers, the start of the pandemic absolutely devastated their businesses. Yet, as various event planners and venue managers explained to Shackleford, the success of the vaccine rollout and the resultant easing of restrictions, has led to a boom in business. In the events business, fall and summer are the busiest periods. Yet, the present boom goes beyond historic demand. There is a lot of pent-up demand for venues and event planners. Consider that for months visit, it was impossible to hold an event. So what we are seeing now is all that pent-up demand thrust on top of normal demand. 

There are other changes as well. Weddings, for example, are more intimate than they were in the past. For one thing, guest sizes are smaller. This probably reflects continued concerns over health and safety, a realisation that gathering too many people in one place is perhaps not always a very safe thing to do. Until everyone is vaccinated and the threat of Covid-19 has gone, we are likely to see this trend continue. What we are seeing instead is that budgets are being repurposed for smaller, more intimate weddings. 

Many of the venue managers and owners interviewed expressed happiness that after months without any business, they were back in the game. There is something satisfying about seeing guests return to venues and communing together to celebrate some important event. Daniel Pigg, one of the co-owners of the Sycamore Winery, said the return of guests was a welcome change from the desolation of the recent past. Historically, event bookings at the winery are usually strong, he said, but this time round, they are very strong.

The winery has had to be fully insured and creative in order to meet carpet cleaning company in Ireland and this surge in demand. They have added dates and gotten individuals to return to experience the magic of having a wedding at their facilities. The winery now permits as much as three weddings a week. They have had to do this to keep up with demand. Pigg believes that the surge in demand reflects the desire by many people to return to normality. After an era in which so many of us have been cooped up at home, with many people only having their pets for company, there is such an appreciation for the importance of gatherings, celebrations, friends and family. This is why the top event spaces are all reporting such a massive surge in demand. The pandemic has made us realise that we are, above all things, social animals. We need communion in order to feel human.

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