9 Winter Activities to Help Get Children Outside


As the winter season blankets the world in frost and snow, it’s easy for children to get cozy indoors, wrapped in blankets and engrossed in digital devices. However, there’s immense value in encouraging kids to venture outdoors during the colder months. Winter provides a unique set of opportunities for children to explore, learn, and develop important life skills while having fun. In this blog, we’ll explore nine engaging winter activities that can inspire children to put on their winter gear and step outside.

  1. Snowball Fights and Snowman Building

A classic winter activity, snowball fights and snowman building offer endless opportunities for creativity and exercise. Children can form teams for friendly snowball battles, promoting teamwork and strategic thinking. Constructing snowmen allows kids to tap into their imagination, designing unique snow sculptures that reflect their personalities.

  1. Sledding and Tobogganing

The thrill of sliding down a snowy hill is an experience children cherish during winter. Sledding and tobogganing encourage physical activity, coordination, and a sense of adventure. Just make sure to choose a safe location with a gentle slope to ensure the little ones’ safety.

  1. Winter Nature Scavenger Hunt

Winter landscapes can be stunningly beautiful, with glistening snow-covered trees and frozen ponds. Organizing a winter nature scavenger hunt can pique children’s curiosity and foster an appreciation for the natural world. Create a list of items like icicles, animal tracks, and evergreen branches, and challenge them to find them in the winter wonderland.

  1. Ice Skating

Ice skating is a delightful winter activity that promotes balance and coordination. Many communities offer ice skating rinks during the winter months, making it accessible to children of all ages. Whether they’re taking their first wobbly steps on the ice or practicing graceful turns, ice skating can be a memorable winter pastime.

  1. Winter Bird Feeding

Winter can be tough for our feathered friends, as food sources become scarce. Involve children in the act of kindness by setting up bird feeders in your yard or a nearby park. They can learn about different bird species and their dietary preferences while providing sustenance for wintering birds.

  1. Winter Hiking and Nature Walks

While summer hikes are popular, winter hikes offer a unique perspective on the great outdoors. Snow-covered trails and frozen waterfalls create a magical atmosphere. Ensure children are dressed warmly with appropriate winter gear and take them on a winter hike to experience the beauty of nature in a whole new light.

  1. Ice Fishing

For those living near frozen lakes or ponds, ice fishing can be an exciting winter activity. While it might require more patience and planning, it can be a fantastic opportunity for children to learn about fish species, habitats, and the importance of conservation. Make sure to follow safety guidelines and check local regulations before embarking on an ice fishing adventure.

  1. Joining Scouts

One of the most enriching winter activities for children is joining Scouts. Scouting offers a wide range of opportunities for young adventurers to explore the outdoors, develop essential life skills, and build lasting friendships. Here’s why joining Scouts can be a transformative experience for kids during the winter months:

Scouting activities during winter:

Scouting organizations like the Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the USA provide an array of winter-specific activities. These include winter camping trips, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and cold-weather survival skills. Joining Scouts exposes children to a wide variety of outdoor experiences that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Character development:

Scouting programs focus on character development by emphasizing values such as leadership, teamwork, and responsibility. Winter activities within Scouting foster resilience and self-reliance, as children learn to navigate challenging conditions and adapt to different environments.

Environmental stewardship:

Scouts are encouraged to be good stewards of the environment, and this extends to winter activities. Learning about Leave No Trace principles and the importance of protecting fragile ecosystems becomes an integral part of their outdoor education.

Community and friendships:

Scouting fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among children. Winter activities like snow sports and cold-weather camping build strong bonds between Scouts as they overcome challenges together.

Life skills:

Scouts gain valuable life skills during winter activities, including first aid, fire building, navigation, and cooking. These skills are not only practical but also instill a sense of self-confidence and preparedness.


If you’re in the Columbia, Missouri area, connect with Great Rivers Council BSA to learn more about Scouting!

  1. Snowshoeing and Cross-Country Skiing

Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing are excellent ways to explore the winter landscape at a slower pace. These activities provide a full-body workout while teaching children about balance and coordination. Many parks offer rental equipment, making it easy for families to try these winter sports together.

The Bottom Line

Winter doesn’t have to be a season of hibernation for children. By introducing them to these exciting winter activities, you can inspire a love for the outdoors, promote physical fitness, and foster important life skills. Among these activities, joining Scouts stands out as a transformative experience that combines adventure, character development, and community building. So, don’t let the cold weather deter your family from exploring the wonders of winter—it’s a season full of magic and opportunities waiting to be discovered.


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