Four Signs Of the Most Comfortable Bean Bag Chair

Four Signs Of the Most Comfortable Bean Bag Chair


Bean bags are popular and have been since the 1990s. But thirty years later, their comfort and coolness still have not gone out of style. This means that there are a range of bean bags you can choose from. 

But how do you choose the most comfortable bean bag chair

When it comes to comfort, it really is the details that make all the difference. Bean bags now a days come in all shapes and sizes, and styles can be customized to really suit that individual—but at the end of the day, comfort is king in the world of bean bags. 

To help you navigate your way through finding the most comfortable bean bag chair out there, look for these four signs of superior comfort:


  • The fill of the bean bag


Bean bags all have one thing in common—they are filled with a form of beads (originally, dry beans) to provide a sense of morphable comfort. But it is what these bean bags are filled with that is very important when determining comfort. In the 1990s, bean bags were filled with polystyrene beads. But, thirty years later, that is certainly not the best option when producing comfort (albeit, cheaper). What you want a bean bag to be filled with is polyurethane fame—the same material that is used on memory foam mattresses. 



  • That the bean bag has bottom and back options


To be truly comfortable, your neck and legs need to be taken care of. Most bean bags are designed to be supportive to sit on, but many neglect to look after the entire body. The best bean bag chairs are the ones that are designed like lounge chairs, where your head gets a little pillow support and your legs feel like they are resting on a recliner.  



  • The exterior of the bean bag


The actual fabric you are touching is just as important to the material that is inside the bean bag. There is nothing worse than sitting on something that is itchy, scratchy, stiff, or downright uncomfortable. The exterior fabric of the bean bag should be something that your skin loves to touch (think fluffy blanket) and one that is also stain and water resistant. And when you consider comfort, do not forget considering comfort on the eyes as well. You want your bean bag to look good and suit the surroundings. The ultimate compliment of a good bean bag chair is that it is the first thing your friends want to sit in when they come over!



  • The bean bag should provide convertibility


An important question to ask when deciding just how comfortable a bean bag chair really is, is can you sleep on it? Seriously, this is possible—and recommended! The most comfortable bean bag chairs can convert into a type of day bed…. many even coming with its own mattress as well! So, whether you are wanting an afternoon snooze or a good night’s sleep, a good bean bag chair should allow you to instantly create the ultimate space to catch some z’s and relax the day and night away. 

While there are many bean bag chairs to choose from, comfort is one thing that should never be jeopardized. A quality bean bag chair provides four levels of comfort that really make it stand out to be a worthwhile investment. So when you are making that bean bag purchase, make sure to go through this checklist and ensure that the bean bag has a premium fill, the bean bag is designed for the whole body, the exterior is of quality fabric and the bean bag can adapt into a place to snooze.  

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