Jason Hughes of San Diego and Three Motivational Speakers to Pay Attention To


 Good leaders may share a self-help book they like with their staff, hoping it will inspire them. Better leaders, such as San Diego-based CEO Jason Hughes, actually arrange for motivational speakers to inspire them in person.Jason Hughes has brought at least three authors to visit his staff.  When having Mike Robbins or Jesse Itzler at their office, employees had a chance to get fired up by meeting a nationally-known figure. Some of the authors also later described the experience and their role in helping build the company’s culture in future books.

Having a speaker visit was also a useful team-building activity that could give a boost to the whole workplace culture. Since everyone had the same experience and gained the same knowledge, it provided excellent opportunities for everyone to set mutual goals or at least take the speaker’s knowledge to heart. Speakers that the successful businessman, CEO and entrepreneur Jason Hughes brought to speak to his staff in San Diego included Mike Robbins, Jesse Itzler and Joe Calloway.

At his office back in San Diego, the entrepreneur and CEO Jason Hughes had the interest of involving his workers with special leaders with experience. Sports man Mike Robbins, a former player for the Kansas City Royals baseball team, is the author of a variety of books including “We’re All In This Together” and “Focus on the Good Stuff” discusses topics like teamwork and how people can infuse their personal lives and professional lives with appreciation and authenticity. He’s helped a variety of businesses improve their culture, build trust, and foster a sense of belonging.

For Jason Hughes, it was important for him to know Joe Calloway. Joe Calloway is a business coach and author of “The Leadership Mindset.” He discusses the importance of good leadership if you want a company to grow well, and how poor leadership can make things worse for an individual department or for the entire company. This successful entrepreneur has an outstanding experience since he has worked for many global brands, including Coca-Cola and Verizon, and seen plenty of good and bad leaders. 

In San Diego and every city where a business is growing from being a startup, company culture is able to change from the bottom, but only if people at the top make people want to care enough. Jesse Itzler, a musician, endurance athlete and entrepreneur, wrote “Living with a SEAL.” As Jason Hughes explains, he encourages people to keep pushing themselves, to see pressure as an opportunity to grow, and to think about their impact in the future, including how you’ll see yourself and your children will see you.

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